JFK Presidential Emblem given to Clark McClelland 

on November 16th, 1963

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Clark McClelland writes on 11-30-03.....Here's an exact copy of the Presidential Emblem I had given to me by President John F. Kennedy. He was at Cape Canaveral on November 16th, 1963 on a tour to be briefed by Astronaut Wally Shirra. Wally brought him to the Gemini-Titan II Launch Pad 19 where one was being processed for a launch. 

My office was in the blockhouse at this pad. I met him there and commented to him about being careful when he arrived in Texas. He noticed I had an Irish name then he reached into his pocket, grasped my hand in a shake, and he placed it (emblem) in my hand. He smiled and thanked me for my concern. He said, it will be Ok, Mac. Of course, we all know that on November 22, 1963 it was not ok, see, The Men Who Killed Kennedy.

After he left with Wally Schirra and his Secret Service agents everyone at the Gemini Launch Pad 19 wanted to buy it from me.

jfk-capecanaveral-schirra-nov-63.jpg (155737 bytes) I was at complex 14, the Mercury Atlas pad also that day doing work on the White Room. I was officially assigned to Titan II - Gemini Pad 15 about a half mile north. JFK gave me the emblem at Titan II pad 19 earlier. My memory is slipping lately. I am in my white coveralls to the left (his right shoulder) of Wally Schirra far behind them (see picture). I saw JFK twice that day once on both pads. He said to me, "Didn't I just see you on pad 15 young man?" I said, "Yes sir, Mr. President, NASA uses me everywhere." He smiled. It was the last time I would ever see him.

Take Care

Clark McClelland  

e-mail: clark0003@gmail.com 

1) bob-Lazar-clark92.jpg (74002 bytes) Lazar and I at his home north of Las Vegas, 1992. We talked for about three hours. Bob, Lazar is an intelligent man. He had a rocket car in his carport...Clark 

2) apollo15-clark.jpg (463332 bytes) Clark sent me (Robert Collins) these pictures with a sample of the gold foil from Apollo 15, he states: "I solemnly attest that the small portion of 24 K Gold, very thin lunar surface pressure sensitive Kapton Polyimide Tape on the upper right of the photo was brought back from the moon by the Astronaut JAMES IRWIN shown saluting the American Flag. It was part of the Apollo 15 Lunar Module thermal protection subsystem that is still attached and resting on the Craft at Moon Base Hadley Rill (as seen to the right of the US Flag). The mission landed on the moon on August 7, 1971. You have a piece of history."...Clark C. McClelland, Sc.O, 2007

3) Confirmation of ICBM Filmed Being Destroyed by a UFO, http://www.rense.com/general69/icbm.htm 

4) Did Clark McClelland work for NASA? See all the commendations and signed documents/pictures by clicking on the image below.

Clark 39.gif (1134966 bytes)Comments from Clark: I knew Walter Cronkite while I was at KSC. He sent me an autographed photo honoring my ScO duties. I provided him with a 35 page booklet I wrote for each Apollo mission. He used it for his commentaries when covering a launch. He is a strong advocate for space travel. I wish he had run for the Presidency. He would have been FAR better than the moron that is presently there and other idiots since. The military also OWNS NASA!

The Cronkite class of journalists are few and far between today. I am VERY proud to have met, befriended and received the photo from such an honored Patriot. President JFK was to send me an autographed photo after I spoke with him at the Gemini launch pad at KSC. He was murdered 6 days after he told me he would send one. 

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