Alien Reproduction Vehicles (ARVs) & Groom Lake?

ARVs are abducting people and mutilating cattle creating the idea of evil Aliens?


Are there ARVs and do they really fly as some people claim like Steven Greer's witnesses of the Disclosure Project? Are U.S. Government ARVs abducting people and mutilating cattle making people think Aliens are evil? Quoting from the link below we have: 

  • "you will learn that the US not only has operational antigravity propulsion devices, but we have had them for many, many years, and they have been developed through the study, in part, of extraterrestrial vehicles over the past fifty years. In addition, we have the drawing from aerospace inventor Brad Sorenson of the devices that he saw, as well as a schematic of one of these alien reproduction vehicles in some remarkable detail."

  • Also see, The Disclosure Project - Outside the Box where the Biefeld-Brown effect discussed below gets misrepresented as anti-gravity.

What dixiemason (Matt) wrote about Brad Sorenson on 08-20-06:

  • "My intention is not to sling mud about Brad, but to expose the fact that he has been caught lying on more than one occasion. He does have a brilliant, and creative mind. However, it is better utilized in fantasy and science fiction. As a real life engineer, he is not very competent, and extremely ill-focused (I have worked with him, and know this first hand).

    The lies he was caught in were pertaining to his qualifications, and experience. He wasn't fired by ABC. Actually, he was rejected, and never hired by them. He sought out another product development team that was hired by ABC, and lied his way into a job with them. When they (ABC) found out he somehow still found a way to get involved, they were very disappointed.

    There were dozens of lies he told, and I can only recall a few, but he told everyone he had over 840 patents. Well, that is not difficult to research. Look for his name as the inventor on the USPTO website, and you'll find a few, but certainly no where close to 840. Then he changed the number to 420. Still very far from truth. He also said he invented packaging on a Listerine product, but no one at Pfizer has ever heard of him. There were many other similar stories where Brad lost all credibility.

    He never mentioned UFO's or ARVs, or anything like that. He was rejected because he lied about things people could prove he was lying about. Seeing some top secret craft, or a sighting of an alien ship or something that would be hard to argue wasn't a factor. He lied about things that are not difficult to prove with certainty. It was the opinion of the design team that he was a pathological liar, therefore, we did not, and do not believe anything he says.

    I can give you names and contact details of another engineer, and a Ph.D. who were on the same team, and will tell you the same thing.

Matt," Engineer, Atlanta Georgia.


What's up with the reverse-engineering of UFOs at, 'the ranch?'

Much of the above makes no sense from the standpoint of good physics, but it's clear that the Biefeld-Brown effect only works in a conductive medium like our own atmosphere. It doesn't work in the vacuum of space and therefore, is not an anti-gravity effect like Vacuum Dark Energy which exhibits a "negative pressure" (repulsive force) throughout inter-galactic space (see footnotes 1 and 2 for additional information). 

The Cash-Landrum Case was reported by sources to be one of our reverse-engineered craft (diamond shaped) based on alien technology (anti-gravity) that ran into trouble while on a test mission over Texas (near the Gulf) in December 1980. Many of the readers are very familiar with what happened in that case. However, even this craft had engineering problems and we had to start all over again; quoting an excerpt from Exempt from Disclosure the ex-Chief of Security at Groom Lake (Gene Lakes, DIA, retired 1996) writes on September 15th, 2005: 

  • "You are relating our physics to their crafts - can't do that. That was our mistake for many years. To get into outer space, they use THEIR system. To understand their system, you must understand their physics, which, at least during my time (1964-'96) we had problems with.".....

Reverse-Engineering help from the Visitors? What Tom Mack (AF Major, retired 1994, deceased in 2000) said in February 1999:

  • Subject: Groom Lake
    Date: Thu, 18 Feb 1999 16:38:54 -0800 (PST)
    From: THOMAS MACK 

    Mr. Collins,

    I understand you are interested in the Air Force's Investigation of UFOs. I have read you web site and was very impressed with the postings.

    I am a retired AF Major. I served from 1972 to 1994. My entire AF career was spent in AF Intelligence. I served with the Air Force Scientific Advisory Group, Groom Lake, NV, from Jun 75 to Apr 83 and from Mar 88 to Oct 94, my retirement date from the AF. I worked on numerous special projects. All involved the reverse engineering of captured UFOs. Yes, I was intimately involved in this operation. 

    I worked with JAROD. We called him the "Puppet Master." The most perfect non-human being in the Universe. He actually had a good sense of humor. He could imitate anyone's voice. A very clever creature.

    I worked on various other projects that involved the collection of UFO related intelligence. I worked with a Special Agent Richard Doty. Agent Doty was our counterintelligence agent. He would conduct operations to prevent the disclosure of our project. A very nifty guy. Very knowledgeable of the subject of UFOs. He was briefed into the program sometime in 1980. 

    The entire program was classified above Top Secret. A classification of COSMIC-MAJIC. The program was called, Majastic-12. We operated under the control of this group. 

    I wish I could go public, I could embarrass the Government. I can prove to the world, that the UFO Subject is real.

    I just wanted you to know you are on the right track. Keep it up.

    Find Agent Doty and he'll should assist you in finding the truth. The last location of Agent Doty was in Albuquerque, NM. He was working for the Highway Patrol or maybe the State Patrol, whatever they call it in New Mexico. 

    Good Hunting,


  • In the picture below Tom Mack is on the right while Paul McGovern (co-worker, GM-15) is on the left. Picture was taken in mid 1970s at Groom Lake Nevada or surrounding area meaning the Nevada Test Site (NTS) since the sources were not specific, as early as June 1975. There is now a Fire Station sitting where they are walking. Picture sent by Tom Mack's son.

tommack-paulmcgovern.jpg (30589 bytes)

Aside: Questions about the authenticity of this photo?

Date: Friday, 9-30-05: Gene Loscowski wrote:

I don't know George Knapp but have heard of his show. Obviously, Mr. Knapp does not have very good sources. I'd like to know the names of his sources.  

Tom Mack worked at the Groom Lake. I knew him then and attended his funeral. Tom was a wonderful person. I don't know exactly his job at the DPA but I knew he was in the Air Force. 

Cameras were not authorized within the base. However, many carried them and took pictures, against the authorization of the security officials. Since I was in charge of the internal security, it always upset me to see any pictures coming from the area. But I did not have enough internal security officials to police that. As long as the cameras were not in the extremely sensitive areas, then we turned our heads.  

But someone missed who was actually carrying the camera. It was not Tom but Paul McGovern.   

That white building was there in the 50s. I don't recall exactly when it was torn down but it was probably in the mid 60s. I'd have to go back and check a few things.   

When I first saw the photograph, I originally thought it was taken at Mercury.   

Hope all this interest peeks some silent responses. 

Gene (last name changed to protect my identity)

Finally: It just seems we are not there yet or, if we were, we would have given up on Space Shuttles and their replacements a long time ago. Abductions have been reported as far back as 1952 and before. Mysterious cattle mutilations as far back as the 19th century, is it those evil government ARVs again?  

So it seems unfortunately or not, there are no government ARVs abducting people creating the idea of evil aliens. It maybe a long road ahead before any type of stable-functioning anti-gravity device is realized....Rmc


(1) H. E. Puthoff, Eric Davis and Michael Ibison of the Institute for Advanced Studies in Austin, Texas ( are doing extensive research on how the Zero Point Energy field might fit in with the idea of a "negative vacuum pressure" coupled with ZPE theories of Gravity and Inertia. They all personally believe that ZPE is responsible for the negative pressure in some way because of its "magical properties" as Michael Ibison explained to us. But, only a small fraction of the total vacuum energy density is giving rise to this negative pressure called the Cosmological Constant as originally proposed and later rejected by Albert Einstein.

Of particular interest is: Emergent gravity from direct-action EM in a toy universe of electrons and positrons,; in other words, gravity emerges from the vacuum.

(2a) Podkletnov's gravity shielding experiments Someone in the laboratory was smoking a pipe, and the pipe smoke rose in a column above the superconducting disc. So we placed a ball-shaped magnet above the disc, attached to a balance. The balance behaved strangely. We substituted a nonmagnetic material, silicon, and still the balance was very strange. We found that any object above the disc lost some of its weight, and we found that if we rotated the disc, the effect was increased. 

In relation to super conductors see, Tajmar Experiment at IASA/HSC, Experiment to investigate anomalous frame-dragging by rotating superconductors at, Tajmar was getting anomalous results at 4,105 RPMs while Podkletnov's super conductors rotated at ~ 8000 RPMs.

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