Doty's FBI Warning & 3 FBI visits; Kit Green responds.



12/27/2004 12:51 PM : RICK DOTY wrote:

I'd be very careful with those documents. LANL is going through a massive security investigation because of what you posted. Don't be surprised if someone from the FBI pays you a visit!

11 Nov 2004 08:27:18 -0700: RICK DOTY wrote:

If you don't already know, LANL security officials are checking into those documents (now in book publication) since someone has forwarded your emails to them. Everyone and their uncle are notifying LANL about those documents!


Open Minds-Feb 5, 2008, 5:19pm: 

When I contact the DIA for confirmation they asked me to phone them as they would not discuss via email - being in the UK that is too much of a financial commitment then, and still is! I would urge anyone to do the same though - they are clearly referenced in the docs - with TS codewords etc - just don't hold your breath that the DIA will be happy anyone making public their comments... stranger things have happened though, lol!

05/07/2011 9:40 AM: Green, Christopher wrote:

Bob is exactly correct, as was the prediction by Rick.

I did receive a visit (FBI) to my office at the medical school, in my Harper Hospital office, because they were told simply they received information that I 'may have received some documents, possibly related to a Los Alamos provenance that may be classified.

I showed them the documents, they smiled, and said, 'We are not interested in these. Have seen them before.' I asked if they wanted to know how I had received them, and from whom. They said, 'not at all. It is not our business (sic).' 

I then took them on a tour of the MRI Suite, showed them some brain scans from a research project on terrorism, and they left happy. I haven't bothered them with any other purported classified materials on this subject I have received, since.


Christopher C. Green MD, PhD  FAAFS

Professor and Clinical Fellow / Neuroimaging/MRI
Departments of Diagnostic Radiology, &
Psychiatry and Behavioral Neurosciences
Harper University Hospital / Detroit Medical Center
& Institute for Brain Imaging, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Ditto: the FBI just said to Kit Green it had no interest in leaked UFO documents, too much public attention like with Wikileaks and later Snowden.

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