Lyndon Johnson's mistress claims LBJ told her that he had JFK killed.

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Lucien Sarti

 Half of JFK's brain was missing, blown out the back of his head from the grassy knoll shot.

-Crenshaw, MD: Autopsy Evidence

MODERATOR's NOTE (Victor Martinez): This is Robert Gaylon Ross' 1½-hr interview with Lyndon Johnson's mistress, Madeleine Duncan Brown. She claims that LBJ told her that he had John F. Kennedy killed ... and it's ALL TRUE. 

See video:  YouTube - LBJ's Mistress Blows Whistle On JFK Assassination

It's been recounted in six (6) memorable books ALL of which I've personally read and which took me ~120 HOURS to manually type from these books. Cited are the most salient points, highlights and relevant passages so that all of you would have a better understanding and perspective of what happened that dark November day in Dallas in 1963: 

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THE TEXAS CONNECTION – By Craig I Zirbel, ISBN# 0446364339 


AMERICA – By Sam & Chuck Giancana, ISBN# 0446516244 

JOHN F. KENNEDY – By Harrison Edward Livingstone, ISBN# 0881848093 

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FLASH POINT: EVERETTE HOWARD HUNT was the ultimate keeper of secrets, lurking in the shadows of American history. He toppled banana republics, planned the Bay of Pigs invasion and led the Watergate break-in. Now, as the legendary CIA spy lay dying, he would reveal to his eldest son what he'd always kept hidden: WHO KILLED J.F.K. 

POINT: The spymaster wrote down the names of men who plotted to kill the president. Not surprisingly, those things he wrote down about JFK's death and gave to his eldest son don't make an appearance in his autobiography, "American Spy: My Secret History in the CIA, Watergate & Beyond." 

E Howard Hunt decided to take them to the grave. But his son, Saint John, still has the memo -- "It has all this stuff in it," he says, "the chain of command, names, people places, dates. He wrote it out to me directly, in his own handwriting, starting with the initials 'LBJ'" --and he's decided it's time his father's last secrets finally see some light, for better or for worse.

E. Howard Hunt - Testament:


The shooter/assassin behind the picket fence on the infamous grassy knoll: Corsican drug trafficker Lucien Sarti, who was killed by police in Mexico in 1972. 


However, it was Christian David, a Corsican professional assassin, soldier of fortune and drug smuggler who was FIRST offered a contract to kill President Kennedy by a Mafioso chieftain in Marseilles, France. 

David's story as relayed to investigative journalist Stephen J Rivele is this: In May or June of 1963, he was offered a contract by Antoine Guerini, the Corsican crime boss in Marseilles, to kill "a highly placed American politician" whom Guerini called the "biggest vegetable" --President Kennedy. The president was to be killed on U.S. territory. David told Rivele that he turned down the contract because it was too dangerous. 

After David turned down the contract offer, he said it was accepted by Lucien Sarti, another Corsican drug trafficker and killer, and two (2) other members of the Marseilles mob whom he refused to name and were described by him as "sharpshooters." 

In his first meeting with Rivele on January 15, 1986, Christian David confirmed that Lucien Sarti had accepted the contract on JFK. He said that about two (2) weeks before the assassination, Sarti flew from France to Mexico City, from where he drove or was driven to the U.S border at Brownsville, TX. Sarti crossed at Brownsville where he was picked up by someone from the Chicago mafia [confirmed in the book "DOUBLE CROSS" in Chapter 15]. This person drove him to a private house in Dallas rather than his staying in a hotel where records would be left; Sarti traveled on an Italian passport. 

Upon being shown an aerial photo by Rivele of Dealey Plaza during their fourth meeting on 1-18-'86, David said that Sarti fired from the FRONT and that he was NOT in a building. Sarti had wanted to be on the bridge, but it was guarded so he had to move down towards the hill. Christian David then reconstructed the actual shooting of President Kennedy as follows: 

° There were three (3) gunmen that he KNEW OF; 

° It was a crossfire using three (3) guns; 

° Two shooting behind the president, one in front; 

° Of the two behind, one was high and one was low and "almost on the

° FIRST shot was fired from behind and hit Kennedy in the back; 

° SECOND shot was fired from behind and hit "the other person in the
car" [Senator Connally]; 

° THIRD shot was fired from the front;

° FOURTH shot was fired from behind and missed "because the car was
too far away"; 

° Stated that two (2) shots were almost simultaneous; 

° Says he believed the gunmen went to Canada and had important
contacts in Montreal; 

° David believes that Sarti was killed by Mexican police at the
request of the CIA; the identity of his two (2) alleged accomplices
remains unknown. 


The shooters/assassins in the Texas Book School Depository: Malcolm E "Mac" Wallace who had performed at least four (4) "hits" on behalf of Lyndon Baines Johnson through his personal attorney, Edward Clark. 

From Chicago, Richard Cain and Charles Nicoletti were actual gunmen for the hit, being placed at opposite ends of the Dallas Book Depository. In FACT, it was Cain, not Oswald, who'd actually fired from the infamous 6th-story window. 

Richard Cain, with a genius for mathematics -- and whose real name was Ricardo Scalzitti -- was both fluent in five (5) languages and a superior marksman who had been trained by the Chicago Police Dept. The CIA found Cain "tailor-made for a top-notch agent." 

CRIME SCENE FACTOID: Mac Wallace's fingerprint in the "sniper's nest" was the ultimate connection between Dallas and Johnson. Through the identification of the critical fingerprint, Mac Wallace could be linked to the Texas School Book Depository, a building owned by Clint Murchison associate and wealthy Texas oil man David Howard Byrd. 


JFK Assassination The Mac Wallace Fingerprint Found On A Box On The Sixth Floor Fact Or Fiction? - YouTube

Johnson's attorney, Edward Clark also brought in two (2) other participants, one a backup shooter [Richard Cain] and the other a guard disguised as a Secret Service agent [Charles "Chuckie" Nicoletti]. 

ASSASSINATION PAYMENT: Each man involved in the JFK assassination plot received $50,000. The money raised for the hit on the president had come from wealthy right-wing Texas oilmen like Syd Richardson, H L Hunt, Clint Murchison and Mike Davis. 

The mastermind and primary driving force behind the JFK assassination -- LBJ's personal attorney -- Edward Clark, though he never directly admitted a payoff for the assassination, told confidantes at his law firm that the total was $2 million cash for him alone from the Texas right-wing oilmen. 


Madeleine Duncan Brown was on record stating that Johnson was behind the killing of Kennedy and of SEVERAL OTHER MEN. Brown has a bound manuscript and a book on the subject, but has been largely disregarded. She passed away on June 22, 2002. Her story was extended beyond its original basics, a problem for many in the wake of the assassination. 

In her memoir, "Texas In The Morning,"(1997), LBJ's mistress, the late Madeleine Brown, wrote of being at a "social" in honor of J Edgar Hoover at the home of Texas oil millionaire, and longtime backer of LBJ, Clint Murchison, on Nov 21, 1963, the evening BEFORE the JFK assassination. 

"A short time later Lyndon, anxious and red-faced, reappeared. squeezing my hand so hard, he spoke into my ear, not a love message, but one I'll always remember: 'After tomorrow, those goddamn Kennedys will never embarrass me again -- that's NOT a threat -- that's a promise.'" 


Kennedy's secretary, Evelyn Lincoln wrote that the day President Kennedy left for Dallas, they discussed the Bobby Baker scandal, LBJ's deep involvement in it, and the effects of the scandal on the campaign. Kennedy told her: "I will need a running mate in '64, a man who believes as I do." 

Lincoln wrote: "President Kennedy had talked and I had just listened, but I did venture one question. Now I asked, "Who is your choice as a running mate?"

He looked straight ahead, and without hesitating, he replied: 'At this time, I am thinking about Governor Terry Sanford of N Carolina. BUT IT WILL NOT BE LYNDON.' 

This news was not shocking to me. It had been my feeling for quite a while that Lyndon Johnson would NOT be the Vice-Presidential candidate in the next campaign. In fact, I had discussed this possibility with my husband and friends many times." 


So much scandal swirled about Johnson that it all but destroyed Kennedy's presidency. Johnson was known to have stolen elections, and history has it that the Kennedy/Johnson ticket had the election stolen for them in Chicago, W Virginia and Texas. The Billie Sol Estes scandal involving Johnson was followed by the Bobby Baker scandal. 

Had Kennedy NOT died and Johnson become president, Johnson would probably have been forced from office and indicted in the Bobby Baker case. Baker was a former Senate page boy who rose to be Lyndon Johnson's right hand when he was the majority leader, perhaps the second most powerful position in America. 

If John Kennedy had not been murdered, the Baker investigation would not have ended. If John Kennedy had not been murdered, the Baker scandal would have either destroyed or tarnished Johnson's image so completely that he would NOT have been on the 1964 ticket. Johnson would have been forced out by Kennedy and/or the media over the Baker scandal, and Johnson's power would have been forever destroyed. 

And all of those Texas business defense contractor interests that stood to gain from the Vietnam War would have lost because Kennedy was determined NOT to get involved in combat anywhere in Southeast Asia. 

If President Kennedy had not been slain, the truth about LBJ may have put him in PRISON -- as his grandma predicted -- rather than into the White House. 

This, then is the solution to the case: LBJ had Kennedy killed to save his political career and stay out of prison. It was just business as usual for LBJ and his little group; Texas was a rough old place in 1963 and LBJ was, in effect, running his own crime syndicate. And, of course, he became president. 

Quite how LBJ slipped past the researchers' scrutiny isn't clear. Among a variety of many reasons, it was primarily due to and a tribute to the cover-up organized by LBJ and his good friend, FBI chief J Edgar Hoover, that the enormous scale of which has only become clear and known in the last few years. 

Right before Jack Ruby was diagnosed with cancer and was awaiting a second trial, Ruby sent a long message to friends that Lyndon Johnson was behind both the Kennedy assassination and that of Oswald. This allegation was never fully investigated and became public knowledge only indirectly. As is now abundantly clear, Ruby's message was 100% correct. 


Many years ago, someone went to a lot of trouble to publish a book anonymously entitled, "FAREWELL AMERICA: THE PLOT TO KILL JFK," [ISBN# 1883955327] that pinned the crime on the Texas oilmen, Lyndon Johnson and elements of the intelligence and local police agencies. 

The book was originally published in Europe in 1968 as "AMERICA IS BURNING," initially banned in the U.S., importation of the book through Canada was squelched at the instigation of the FBI, and then offered to the American Ramparts Magazine which attempted to investigate its origins. 

The fact was that the author(s) knew an awful lot about the inner workings of the CIA, and this seemed to establish the book's authenticity. The consensus was that the book originated with French intelligence. Daniel Patrick Moynihan had conducted an intense private investigation for Robert Kennedy and the Justice Dept which concluded that Jimmy Hoffa and other mobsters were NOT involved directly in the planning of the assassination, but crucial evidence was developed indicating a DOMESTIC PLOT. 

HISTORICAL FOOTNOTE: Billie Sol Estes' lawyer Douglas Caddy wrote a letter on behalf of his client to the U.S. Dept of Justice in August 1984. In it, Caddy wrote that Estes claimed he and former LBJ's former assistant Cliff Carter had gathered enough evidence to prove that LBJ had ordered eight (8) people (including President Kennedy) to be murdered. 

Caddy sought the following for Estes: immunity, forgiveness of back taxes, lifting of parole restrictions, and a presidential pardon. Although the Justice Dept responded with a list of particulars, nothing came of it. 

AUTHOR NOEL TWYMAN: And I've done a lot of reading on Billie Sol Estes, and you've got a big piece in your book ["Dallas Did It!"] on him. You know, it's so disturbing, this recent thing that's come out about all of these people that Billie Sol Estes claims Lyndon Johnson had killed. I thought, oh no! I don't even want to see this, because it's so FANTASTIC... so far out. 

Now about this letter that Billie Sol Estes' lawyer [Douglas Caddy] wrote naming all these people [that Lyndon Johnson had ordered to be murdered].... That is the most incredible thing I could possibly imagine! I don't even want to have it in my book. No one will believe it! 

MADELEINE BROWN: It's ALL TRUE. Pick up the phone and call Caddy [Billie Sol Estes' attorney, Douglas Caddy]. Well, everyone in Dallas -- it was general gossip in the business group -- said that Lyndon was responsible [for JFK's murder]. So I said to him, "Now Lyndon, you've got to tell me. You've got to talk to me. Are you -- were you -- involved with Kennedy's death?" And when I asked him that, he screamed and hollered, and I was really frightened because he had told me many years before that you don't see, hear or repeat anything. 

But finally he said," You know the people that I know," talking about the oil people and intelligence... "THEY DID IT." The cold chills went up and down my spine. I didn't know what to believe. The people I knew were responsible. Well, anyway, needless to say, I was so ill, I was sick to my stomach all over it.



Exclusive: E. Howard Hunt Confesses to CIA Plot Against JFK - YouTube

E Howard Hunt scribbled the initials "LBJ" standing for Kennedy's ambitious vice president, Lyndon Johnson. Under LBJ," connected by a line, he wrote the name Cord Meyer. Meyer was a CIA agent whose wife had an affair with JFK; later she was murdered, a case that's never been solved. 

Next, Hunt connected to Meyer's name the name Bill Harvey, another CIA agent; also connected to Meyer's name was the name David Morales, yet another CIA man and a well-known, particularly vicious black-ops specialist. And then Hunt connected to Morales' name, with a line, the framed words "French Gunman Grassy Knoll" Lucien Sarti who was killed by police in 1972. 

So there it was, according to E Howard Hunt. LBJ had Kennedy killed. It had long been speculated upon. But now E Howard Hunt was saying that's the way it was. And that Lee Harvey Oswald WASN'T the only shooter in Dallas. There was also, on the grassy knoll, a French gunman, presumably the Corsican Mafia assassin Lucien Sarti, who has figured prominently in other assassination theories. 

Later that week, E Howard also gave his son two sheets of paper that contained a fuller narrative. It starts out with LBJ again, connecting him to Cord Meyer, then goes on: "Cord Meyer discusses a plot with [David Atlee] Phillips who brings in William Harvey and Antonio Veciana. He meets with Oswald in Mexico City.... Then Veciana meets with Frank Sturgis in Miami and enlists David Morales in anticipation of killing JFK there. But LBJ changes itinerary to Dallas, citing personal reasons." 

In the next few paragraphs, E Howard goes on to describe the extent of his own involvement. It revolves around a meeting he claims he attended in 1963 with Morales and Sturgis. It takes place in a Miami hotel room. Here's what happens: 

Morales leaves the room at which point Sturgis makes reference to a "Big Event" and asks E Howard, "Are you with us?" 

E Howard asks Sturgis what he's talking about. Sturgis says, "Killing JFK." 

E Howard, "incredulous," says to Sturgis, "You seem to have everything you need. Why do you need me?" In the handwritten narrative, Sturgis' response is unclear, though what E Howard says to Sturgis next isn't: He says he won't "get involved in anything involving Bill Harvey, who is an alcoholic psycho." 

After that, the meeting ends. E Howard goes back to his "normal" life and "like the rest of the country ... is stunned by JFK's death and realizes how lucky he is NOT to have had a direct role." 

After reading what his father had written, Saint John Hunt was stunned, too. His father had not only implicated LBJ, he'd also, with a few swift marks of a pen, put the lie to almost everything he'd sworn to, under oath, about his knowledge of the assassination. 

According to an internal CIA memorandum written in 1966 by Tom Karamessines, an assistant to CIA Director Richard Helms, E Howard Hunt, the Watergate burglar and longtime helper of Richard Nixon, while working for the CIA, WAS in Dallas on the day President John F Kennedy was murdered. 

Hunt had vehemently denied this, and sued the authors of "COUP D"ETAT IN AMERICA (CIA)," a book by A J Weberman and Michael Canfield which maintains that Hunt was one of the tramps photographed in Dealey Plaza just after the murder. Nixon later admitted that he, too, was in Dallas on the same day, after denying it for some time. 

The memo, allegedly read and initialed by Richard Helms and Sammy Helperan, discusses a concern among the CIA bosses that the presence of Hunt at Dealey Plaza might be uncovered. 

Victor Marchetti, the author of "THE CIA AND THE CULT OF INTELLIGENCE," suggests that the CIA had thought about taking a "limited hang-out," and was willing to concede that CIA agents may have been involved in an assassination plot against the late president. CIA executives were admitting that a "renegade" band of agents acting on their own may have made the hit. 


LBJ's personal attorney, Edward Clark, had the key steps for the conspiracy in place. Two shooters were ready. Several patsies were available to be used as needed. 

By April of 1963, the assassination plans were still under development. Clark's snipers could act in any one of several cities on the visit. The decision was clear: The JFK assassination had best happen during the Kennedy trip to Texas. Any attempt in Washington D.C. was out of the question. 

Other states did not have the supporting legal system. The critical preliminary investigation had to be controlled and friendly. The crime had to be in Texas. Dallas was not a foregone conclusion. The assassination could be in any one of the cities on the Kennedy itinerary in Texas. 

The sniper shots were the way to do it. Johnson's personal attorney, Edward Clark was fearful that one or two shots would not be enough. Whatever else happened, Kennedy HAD TO BE KILLED

He decided a front shot might be necessary and would be important insurance. If the sniper from BEHIND did not succeed, the one in front would be ready. Besides, the shot from behind would DIVERT attention from the front. It WOULD work. 

The cover had to be perfect. Somehow, NO ONE could get into the building before the snipers shot. Then they would have to have cover for the escape. THE REAL SHOOTERS HAD TO GET AWAY. They had to move quickly and be in a secure place within seconds of the shooting before the police could react. To complete the cover, there had to be REAL SUSPECTS. The patsies would fill that requirement, serving as cover and then being killed. 

After considering what would be the best cover, Clark decided to use the U.S. Secret Service. Not real members of the president's security force, but Clark's snipers POSING AS U.S. Secret Service members. The best way was to have men with Secret Service credentials on the scene at Dealey Plaza. From the U.S. Secret Service internal manual Johnson had provided, Clark had the inside information he needed; he knew how to proceed. 

Clark called his old army buddy and longtime friend, Clifton "Beau" Carter, and asked about the Secret Service. In the course of conversation. he also ARRANGED TO GET BADGES. 

Carter informed him the members wore lapel pins with a certain color-coding that changed everyday. The system provided instant identification that would be hard to duplicate. Clark was PROMISED THE BADGES. He would get them. He also decided that, in the terror following the shooting, "pocket credentials" would do the job. They would do without the lapel pins. 

In this and other subtle ways, the Secret Service was injected into the plan and would play a key role in the assassination. The false credentials would provide the necessary protection before and after the shooting. In one of those strange twists of fate, the Secret Service did NOT do their job for President Kennedy, but their impostors did provide the cover needed for Vice President Johnson to become president. 

Ten hours after the assassination, Secret Service Chief James Rowley knew that there had been three (3) gunmen, and perhaps four (4), firing in Dallas that day, and later on the telephone head of the White House SS detail Agent Gerald A "Jerry" Behn remarked to Forrest Sorrels (head of the Dallas Secret Service): "It's a plot." 

"Of course," was Sorrel's reply. Robert Kennedy, who had already interrogated Kellerman, learned that evening from Rowley that the Secret Service itself believed that President Kennedy had been the victim of a powerful organization. 

Former Colonel Fletcher Prouty, who has not been afraid to describe the true nature of this assassination as a COUP by what he calls the "Secret Team," handled Secret Service details for President Eisenhower. Prouty says that Kennedy was deliberately stripped of his security, and the plotters were aware that he would have NO protection that day in Dallas on November 22, 1963. 


Dallas police officer Marrion L Baker rushed into the Texas Book Depository followed by building manager Roy Truly where they saw Oswald on the second floor. The assassins' patsy was standing before a soft-drink machine. Gesturing with his drawn pistol, Baker asked Truly if he knew the man. Truly identified Oswald as one of his workers. Baker glared for a moment longer, then turned back to the stairs and resumed his climb with Truly following him. They hurried up to the roof where they found no one. 

Immediately after Baker and Truly continued up the stairwell, Oswald left the building. He had almost been caught because he had moved slower than Mac Wallace and the others. However, Oswald also got away in the confusion. Once on Elm Street, Oswald took a bus, but got off when traffic grid-locked. He walked to a nearby cab stand, and the taxi drove him to an intersection near his boarding house in southwest Dallas where he got a hangun.

Officer J D Tippit was on patrol and stopped Oswald, but it wasn't Oswald. Almost immediately, he shot and killed the policeman. 

The fellow who shot Tippit escaped and was chased by 2 witnesses, one of them later told the press about the chase; Tippit's killer ran to a fundamentalist Baptist church, which was shortly surrounded by Dallas PD squad cars and policemen covering every entrance. 

They waited without entering until a radio call came in announcing Oswald's arrest at the Texas theater. They left immediately without entering the Baptist church despite the presence of 2 witnesses who had chased the killer there. For an Oswald look-alike, younger and similar, see: 

During the operation, the CIA upper echelon sequestered themselves in an office complex, surrounded by electronic equipment. With the aid of walkie-talkies, the men were able to secure their firing positions and learn of Oswald's whereabouts immediately following the hit. 

The CIA operatives directing the assassination via walkie-talkies were ensconced at the offices of Jaggars-Chiles-Stovall which was being used by the conspirators as their operation headquarters for the assassination. The proprietors did not know they were being used in this fashion. 

BACKGROUND ON THE WALKIE-TALKIES: Robert Morrow was an electronics engineer, a senior agent with the CIA from 1959 - 1964 and was a "special problem solver" for the agency as well. His expertise was in electronics and special technical projects which the CIA took note of; the CIA soon recruited him for special projects and one of these "special" projects involved him in the JFK assassination. 

Morrow supplied the transceivers [walkie-talkies] that were NOT detectable by any communication device on the market. Morrow complied with the CIA request by modifying Motorola-made units that required an antenna several feet high. Morrow solved the problem by strapping a wire to the intended user's leg, concealed under the trousers. 

This combination of walkie-talkies and a Mannlicher-Carcano rifle suspiciously appeared at Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963. Morrow wrote that after the assassination, he was looking at photographs taken at Dealey Plaza and saw one of "his" walkie-talkies in the pocket of a man standing on Elm Street near the spot where Kennedy was shot! Three of the rifles that Morrow purchased, along with the walkie-talkies, were picked up by David Ferrie and flown to New Orleans. 

[Recall that Lee Bowers, the railway tower switchman, testified to the Warren Commission that he observed strange people driving in the area BEHIND the picket fence and saw one of them using a WALKIE-TALKIE.] 


WHAT was LBJ actually doing at the time of the assassination in the trailing car in the motorcade? According to Johnson's motorcade seatmate, Democratic Senator Ralph Yarborough (who smelled gun powder near the grassy knoll), at the EXACT MOMENT of the assassination, Johnson had his ear up against a small WALKIE-TALKIE held over the back seat listening to the device which was "turned down real low." 

It was obviously difficult for the Vice President to wave and smile at crowds in the Presidential motorcade when he was leaning up against and listening to a small walkie-talkie! 

As a footnote, Jaggars-Chiles-Stovall did top-secret map work for the military. Lee Harvey Oswald actually worked there for a while after his retrieval from the Soviet Union as an ALLEGED defector, which seems strange, because that work required a security classification and proven LOYALTY to the United States ... unless they knew Oswald was all right. 

To eliminate Oswald, the CIA had selected Dallas police officers Roscoe White and J D Tippit, who both -- like Richard Cain, who'd served in the Chicago Sheriff's Dept -- held positions in law enforcement, on the Dallas police force. Under the guise of self-defense and in the line of duty, they were to murder the "lone gunman." However, Tippit had wavered, allowing Oswald to escape via taxi. Thus, Roscoe White had been forced to kill his partner, J D Tippit. [DISPUTE: Did Oswald or White kill J D Tippit?] 

SAM GIANCANA: "Probably the only real screw-up in the whole goddamned deal. And the rest is history. For once, we didn't have to worry about J Edgar Hoover.... He hated the Kennedys as much as anybody and he wasn't about to help Bobby find his brother's killers. He buried his head in the sand, covered up anything and everything his 'Boy Scouts' found."

The real, untold story is that when Roscoe White asked J D Tippit to drive Oswald to Redbird Airport for the escape, Tippit balked, suspecting that they were involved in the assassination he had just heard about, and White had to shoot him right then. Oswald ran away. 

There is a report that an extra police shirt was found in the backseat of Tippit's car, and it can be surmised that this belonged to Roscoe White, who changed his clothes there. It is also thought that Tippit's car was the one stopped at Oswald's house and beeped, and then picked him up just down the street. 

FOOTNOTE TO HISTORY: Roscoe and Geneva White lived cater-corner to the Tippits after the assassination. The Whites knew the Tippits very well, and that after Tippit was killed, his family was well taken care of by those in the conspiracy. 

Geneva White also described going to the rifle range near their house with her husband, Roscoe, and Lee Harvey Oswald, and said that Oswald was a real BAD shot. She said he was innocent and did NOT shoot Kennedy. 


In early spring of 1963, when the decision was made by LBJ's attorney Edward Clark and his CIA associates and contacts to finalize plans for their elimination of President Kennedy, Oswald was the natural choice as a fall guy. 

"They'd already laid the groundwork to make him look like a Commie nut, by goin' to Russia and with all of that pro-Castro shit. He was perfect... he acted like a Commie ... he smelled like a Commie ... so they figured it would be NO problem to convince people he WAS a Commie." 

Mobster Sam Giancana said the entire conspiracy went "right up to the top of the CIA." He claimed that some of its former and present leaders were involved, as well as a "half-a-dozen fanatical right-wing Texans, Vice President LYNDON JOHNSON, and the Bay of Pigs Action Officer under Eisenhower, Richard Nixon." 

For all of its apparent simplicity, the Dallas assassination had taken months to mastermind by LBJ's attorney, Edward Clark and his CIA counterparts [William K Harvey]; dozens of men were involved and the hit had been planned for several cities -- Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles and Dallas. 

But ultimately, President Kennedy had been lured to Dallas by LBJ, the city affording the best opportunity for a successful assassination. According to Giancana: "Richard Nixon and Lyndon Johnson knew about the whole damned thing," having met with him several times in Dallas immediately prior to the assassination.

SAM GIANCANA: "The politicians [LBJ and Clark] and the CIA made it real simple. We'd each provide men for the hit ... I'd oversee the Outfit [Mafia] side of things and throw in Jack Ruby and some extra backup and the CIA would put their own guys in to take care of the rest." 

The nuts-and-bolts planning had involved some of the top people on the Dallas police force; most conveniently the mayor, Earle Cabell, was the BROTHER of former CIA deputy director Charles Cabell. As the man responsible for citywide security, the mayor provided the police protection for the presidential motorcade. 

Giancana grinned: "They made sure it was so loose down there [Dealey Plaza] on the day of the hit, shit, a 4-year-old could've nailed Jack Kennedy!"


The Chairman of the Assassinations Committee, Congressman Henry Gonzalez, said this about the "real power" base in Washington D.C.: "We're just little people here. We haven't got any power." 

The REAL power rests with the shadow government, a far right-wing apparatus based along the San Diego-Vegas-Dallas-New Orleans-Miami axis, which had a death grip on the heart of Washington, through Langley, VA, where the headquarters of the CIA is located. 

"Some people think that the CIA took over [after the Kennedy assassination], that they are the REAL government. There's a lot of folks here who would agree with that," Gonzalez commented. Gonzalez had been with President Kennedy when he died and he knew the TRUTH. 

When Watergate burglar Virgilio Gonzalez got caught in the Watergate Hotel, he wrote out very long affidavit, which Jim Hougan discusses in his milestone espionage book, "SPOOKS." 

"If the Gonzalez affidavit is to be believed, the United States is a POLICE STATE run by a dangerous consortium of CIA officers, private intelligence agencies and White House entrepreneurs." 

Neil Sheehan wrote in the New York Times after reading the Pentagon Papers that there was an "inner government" in the United States, "a centralized state, far more powerful than anything else, for whom the enemy is not simply the Communists, but everything else, its own press, its own judiciary, its own Congress, foreign and friendly governments --all these are potentially antagonistic. It had survived and perpetuated itself." 

Sheehan continued: "Often using the issue of anti-Communism as a weapon against the other branches of government and the press, and finally, it does NOT function necessarily for the benefit of the Republic, but rather for its own ends, its own perpetuation; it has its own codes which are quite different from public codes. Secrecy was a way of protecting itself, not so much from threats by foreign governments, but from DETECTION FROM ITS OWN POPULATION on charges of its own competence and wisdom." 


The "right hand man" theory is a proven historical FACT in assassinations of world leaders. Beginning the day of Kennedy's murder, the right hand man assassination theory SHOULD have been considered as one of the most PROBABLE explanations for the crime. 

MANY Americans surely thought about Johnson's possible involvement at the time of Kennedy's death, but no one dared publicly to voice the thought. Few people were strong enough to face the risk of public ridicule or even death to bring public and criminal investigative attention to this possibility. See,
The Man Who Killed Kennedy: The Case Against LBJ: Roger Stone, Mike Colapietro: 9781626363137: Books

On a practical level, America was in the midst of a cold war and American politicians did not want to present to the rest of the world the possibility that a bloody political coup could and DID HAPPEN in the land of the "free" and home of the "brave." 

For all of these reasons, the public stood by and allowed the assassination evidence to be SEIZED and the investigation to be CONTROLLED by the prime suspect, Lyndon Baines Johnson. And while Americans sat in silence, many Europeans who were independently observing the same situation -- but from the distance of their shores --openly noted the travesty occurring in our land and saw America for what it REALLY was: NO better than a banana republic! 

HOW could an entire nation have operated without a conscience? Out of fear, self-preservation, and national pride, obvious injustices and tyrannical acts were overlooked based on the false hope that what was in fact occurring, was not really happening, but only being perceived improperly. 

Regardless of the final truth as to the Kennedy assassination, Americans allowed one man to seize power and do as he pleased. Americans allowed one man who was a criminal suspect with a strong motive, seize ALL of the assassination evidence and supply the world with his personally selected Commission's solution to the crime of the century. 

To simply state this fact is to indict us all. Because of our collected failure to object, the full, complete truth may NEVER be known. And the plain truth is that America's continuing fascination with Kennedy's death relates more directly to our own COLLECTED GUILT and FAILURE as a society than it does with one man's death. 

This is proven time and again when a new Kennedy assassination book surfaces proposing either a new assassination theory or a new piece of evidence. In such instances, the public clamors for the information hoping to make up for what American silence created in the first place. 

Once the press was trapped into accepting the findings of the commission, and failing to investigate the crime for themselves, the media forever after had to ridicule and humiliate those who continued to look into the murder and not accept the official story. 

To end this practice and begin filling in the black hole of mystery surrounding the assassination, America must first accept some guilt for its silence. Then and only then can the big picture be established. If one examines the big picture, Johnson was the puppeteer who touched and CONTROLLED EVERYTHING.

And while assassination theorists have written volumes about unexplainable events, none of this should be considered unusual when Johnson was involved. The reality is that the "Texas connection" begins and ends with Lyndon B Johnson.

It was Johnson, as America's new president, who had the power to order the seizure and even the DESTRUCTION of evidence [such as to the Lincoln Continental Kennedy was riding in which was completely refurbished thereby destroying critical evidence] by government agencies. Lyndon Johnson's final aspect of control began on November 26, 1963 when he ordered the seizure of assassination evidence and it will not end until 2039 when the sealed evidence is finally released. 

The massive abuse of power by LBJ and Hoover that surrounded the assassination of President Kennedy demands action. Abuses occurred both before November 22, 1963, in planning and carrying out the crime, and then afterward, in failing to UNCOVER what really happened. 

DISCLOSURE alone will not provide the justice owed to John F Kennedy. We need to relegate Lyndon Johnson to the position he deserves in history... a presidential assassin guilty of a "right-hand man" assassination. 

For too long, many researchers have KNOWN Lyndon Johnson was behind the conspiracy. No one has been able to say it. Stated simply, LBJ killed JFK. 

Surprisingly, the Dallas Police Dept still carries the assassination as an open crime. The Dept of Justice has an open file on the case, and the FBI routinely reviews new disclosures. 

Perhaps, as we render a collective judgment on this horrific event, we need to see both this subconscious determinant in ourselves and the need for independent judges. 

More in point, in Shakespeare's HAMLET, actors and audiences are always left wondering why Hamlet delayed so long in seeking the justice he knew he would have to find. A subconscious reluctance to upset the government may have been one consideration. After all, in the final act, all the key players are dead. Perhaps Hamlet delayed because he knew his necessary actions would destroy not only his family, but also his nation. 

We as a nation may have a similar reluctance to face the FACT of the conspiracy just because we KNOW what it means to our republic: That we're in fact no better than a banana republic and that's exactly what we became on that fateful day and in the years that passed....

If we face up to what REALLY happened, we are very clearly reaffirming the spirit of our democracy. In so doing, we strengthen our government and ourselves in ways yet to be seen. In that same faith in our nation, we know it will be for the better. With closure, we will be stronger. 

Abraham Lincoln said it best: "NO man is good enough to govern another man without that other's consent." 

Lyndon Baines Johnson did NOT have the nation's consent to govern them on November 22, 1963....

OSWALD POST-JFK ASSASSINATION LITTLE-KNOWN FACTOID: Of added special interest was Oswald's request FOR A LAWYER SPECIALIZING IN DEFENDING CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY CASES with that attorney being John J Abt of New York City, and his communication to him and the outside world via the media that: "I am a patsy!" 

Abt was noted for his defense of Smith Act violators in the late 1940s and '50s. Oswald used a Dallas Police Dept pay phone to call Abt's office collect, but his call was refused; Abt was out of town for the weekend. 

The mere fact that Oswald would specifically ask for this TYPE of attorney suggests that Oswald already knew that he had been set up as the "fall guy" (patsy) and would require someone specializing in criminal conspiracy cases brought by the U.S. government to effectively defend him. 


The "alleged lone gunman," Lee Harvey Oswald, like Ruby, had ties to both the CIA and the Mafia. Oswald had been connected to the New Orleans Mob from the time he was born; his uncle was a Marcello lieutenant who had exerted a powerful influence over the fatherless boy. 

Early in life, Oswald had formed a powerful alliance with the U.S. intelligence community. First, as an impressionable young man during a stint in the Civil Air Patrol with homosexual CIA operative and Mafia smuggling pilot David Ferrie. And later, Oswald attended a series of intensive intelligence training sessions run by the Office of Naval Intelligence in a top secret Japanese spy base. The short of it was that Lee Harvey OSWALD WAS A CIA AGENT. 

Oswald had been a spy for the U.S. government in the Soviet Union, and had been trained to speak fluent Russian. He was NOT a Castro sympathizer nor a Communist at all, as the misinformation that spewed forth from government agencies in the wake of the assassination that the public believed. 

In truth, "Lee Harvey Oswald was a right-wing supporter of the 'Kill Castro, Bay of Pigs Camp' ... CIA all the way." After serving the CIA and its military intelligence division in the Soviet Union, Oswald had returned to work at a company involved in top security projects for the U.S. government [Jaggars-Chiles-Stovall]. 

Once back in New Orleans with his Russian wife, Marina, he was directed by the CIA to a man well-known in intelligence circles, former Chicago FBI agent and Commie-buster Buy Banister. Contrary to popular opinion and public misperception, Oswald had been a very bright kid. His downfall had been unyielding PATRIOTISM and malleability; he was EASILY MANIPULATED.


TWYMAN: One of the reasons I called you was that I believe you're one of the few people who heard David Morales make that famous remark [referring to John Kennedy], "Well, we took care of that son of a bitch, didn't we?" 

WALTON: Only three (3) people heard that remark: myself, my wife and Ruben Carbajal [Morales' childhood friend from high school]. It took place in a hotel room at the Dupont Plaza [in Washington D.C.], and we were the only three there. 

TWYMAN: That's an amazing story. Have you ever written about it or documented it? 

WALTON: I haven't. In fact, I had all sorts of problems with that. It happened in 1973 and I had just had a coronary and I'd taken some time off. 

TWYMAN: Do you have an opinion formed as to whether or not he did participate in the Kennedy assassination?

WALTON: I have NO doubt. When he told me, "We got that son of a bitch," he told me he was in Dallas. He said, "I was in Dallas and I was in L.A. when we got that Bobby, too." 

TWYMAN: Oh, he said he was in Dallas, too?

WALTON: No doubt in my mind he was there. I doubt very much that he personally pulled the trigger or anything else, but he was there ... he helped ORGANIZE it. 

TWYMAN: Well, that's important that he mentioned he was in Dallas. He said he was in Dallas? Well, I'll be damned. 

WALTON: He said, "We got that son of a bitch and I was in Los Angeles also when we got Bobby." 

TWYMAN: When "we" got Bobby?

WALTON: When we got Bobby. And when he said "also," I linked that back to Dallas. I'm not sure he ever said "I was in Dallas," but he DID say, "I was in Los Angeles when we got Bobby." 

TWYMAN: I see. You can't specifically remember he said that he was in Dallas. 

WALTON: No. Just the way he linked it on with, "and I was ALSO in L.A.

DAVID MORALES "MAGIC CARD": The one thing that never ceased to amaze both attorney Robert Walton and Morales longtime friend, Ruben Carbajal, was Morales' "magic card" given to him by the CIA. 

Morales would reach into his pocket and pull out a little black plastic card -- it looked a little smaller than your typical credit card, just maybe slightly smaller. And it just had a few gold numbers or letters on it -- no insignia or anything else. He'd show that and he could get whatever he wanted. He could get anyone on an airplane that was overbooked, he could get a party into a restaurant....

According to Robert Walton, it was "amazing ... a magic card." He never did find anyone else in the CIA at the time who could tell him what it was and how it worked so well for Morales. 


David Morales was born in 1925 in Phoenix, AZ. At the time of the Kennedy assassination, he was 38-years-old and was a seasoned veteran in CIA covert operations. 

Morales graduated from Phoenix Union High School in 1944. He was president of his class and a star letterman in four sports. He was not a afraid of a street fight. Ruben Carbajal remembers in high school when Morales single handedly and coolly took on a small gang of street bullies who had harassed them, and dispatched all of them in quick succession. 

Morales joined the Army and was assigned to paratrooper training. He joined the CIA in 1946, underwent special training, and reported as a "political officer" for the State Dept in Caracas, Venezuela. Morales rose high in rank while assigned to the CIA -- to brigadier general --and he had an office in the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon before he retired. Morales had a parking spot in the front row with the top brass with his name on it! 

David Morales died young of a sudden heart attack at age 53 in 1978. A very long line of high-ranking military brass and well-dressed, important-looking people in civilian clothes wearing sunglasses flew in from all over the country to attend his funeral services in Phoenix, much to the surprise of his old friends who had NO idea he was such an important person. 

When Morales' body was interred in the small town of Wilcox, AZ, the line of mourners extended all the way through town, amazing the local citizens.


ADDENDUM: editor

1) For a piece of definitive proof of LBJ's involvement -- at least as a conspirator and accessory after the fact, as well as J. Edgar Hoover's involvement -- try to find a copy of Newsweek Magazine or Time Magazine during the weeks of November 1997. 

In those two magazines, you'll find transcripts from the Oval Office tapes that LBJ recorded in 1963, tapes that Ladybird Johnson released in 1997. In that transcript, printed in these magazines, you will find a conversation between Hoover and LBJ a day or so after the assassination in which Hoover tells LBJ that the FBI identified a second Lee Harvey Oswald. 

LBJ asks Hoover NOT to disclose that piece of information to Allen Dulles, a member of the Warren Commission, or to the CIA. Hoover agrees, and the two men agree to a conspiracy of silence. This conversation alone, constituting a conspiracy under the law not to disclose facts material to a homicide, makes the nation's chief executive and the chief federal law enforcement officer CONSPIRATORS AFTER THE FACT TO A HOMICIDE. 

It was amazing that the major news organizations never picked up on this conversation even though it was published in these two national weekly magazines. 

2) Texas Grand Jury? No, Johnson was never indicted.

From Robert Morrow, 

All the grand jury in the 1980's did was change the cause of the 1961 Henry Marshall murder from a ridiculous ruling of "suicide" to murder. They did this because Billie Sol Estes testified in court that he, LBJ, Cliff Carter & Mac Wallace planned this murder with Mac Wallace doing the killing.

The grand jury indicted absolutely no one - LBJ, Carter & Wallace were all dead by then and Estes had immunity. You can't indict a dead person ... hello. 

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