The 3 second Eben

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The below pictures were taken from a frame of a video called "UFOs: Fifty Years of Denial" copyrighted 1998 produced by Quick FOX Production, James Fox, Executive Producer (not associated with the FOX News Network).

Comments from Robert Dean

Bob Dean writes. . .'Is this real? Several years ago I was attending a UFO conference in Mexico City when a Mexican policeman approached me. He had a photo he said was a legitimate picture, he stated he knew it was an authentic photo of a small grey that had been captured by the Mexican Federal police at a crash site.

His sincerity and serious demeanor impressed me. Being as always cautious and somewhat dubious of such situations, I accepted the picture and thanked him for his efforts.

Over the years I have encountered other pictures that I learned were authentic and reflected on the legitimacy of the present picture. I submit this to the viewers as a very likely authentic photograph of a small grey.'



The above story is very questionable, the 3 second Eben was determined to be a model or prop from the movie Intruders 1992 (copyrighted, Intruders Productions), some still think it's real, but it's just a model said Kim Carlsberg.

The mere fact that so many people (MDs included) believed this Eben real says a lot for the producers of Intruders who said they paid very close attention to abductee stories and the details.

'From: Robert Short
Sent: Monday, November 01, 2010 4:58 PM
Subject: Re: 1992 Intruders

We took the job very seriously and tried to capture the look as closely as we could to the descriptions that were given to us.



The A-Team: Comments from Bobby Morrison (NOAA), Boulder Colorado, 11-10-2010... 

Bobby, left side 0, polarized image. Photo was taken 3 seconds after 2am on June 28, 2011 with a 1 second exposure time..JPG (1326928 bytes), Bobby, left side 1, polarized image. Photo was taken 3 seconds after 2am on June 28, 2011 with a 1 second exposure time..jpg (584890 bytes)Click on thumbnails, taken June 28, 2011 by Bobby Morrison, NOAA, Boulder CO using a Nikon CoolPix S630 at ~2am, extremely difficult to capture shot. Upstairs railing is to right and unknown entity is to extreme left. Notice a head, torso, legs and very long arms. Then an eye on right side of its head. It was no easy task getting this one photo requiring hundreds of random shots. These critters as we call them are very stealthy and move incredibly fast, they don't stand still unlike that "mechanical alien in the window."

3-Second Eben

Is this depiction fake or real? Whatever it is the 3-second Eben is remarkably similar to the short grays, the ones I refer to as the A-Team. The facial features and placement is anatomically correct. The slit for the mouth, very little nose or ears and large bulbous head is eerily similar to the real thing. If this 3-second Eben is fake it looks so real I'm sure it has fooled many people, me included.

My reason for referring to these entities as the abduction team is because this is what they do; these entities are the primary abductors. These short entities are assigned the dangerous and mundane tasks, like abducting and escorting humans and they work in teams of two or more when abducting us depending on how many humans are being taken at any given time.

If and when a human gets out of control though these beings simply backup and will not become involved. They know fully well they are feeble and can easily be hurt or killed by an out of control human. If and when problems develop the tall grays can appear on the scene very quickly to take control of any situation and finish the problem abduction. And when I say 'take control' you can take that to the bank.

Having said these entities are feeble does not imply they are not powerful. They have powers and abilities far beyond humans but their powers and abilities do not hold a candle to the tall grays.
As you might have guessed or already know the short grays work for and are controlled by the tall grays. I consider the short grays a servant or worker class.

Likewise this 3-second Eben depiction does not resemble the tall grays. Though both of the grays share some similarities they also have many differences.

The biggest difference between the two entities is height. The tall grays stand 7.' When I am standing next to one of the tall grays they are approximately 14-16 inches taller than me at 5' 10."

In contrast the A-Team (abduction team) members are 4' 8" - 4' 9." Whenever I refer to the grays as boring I'm mostly referring to the A-Team members as closely depicted in the 3 Second Eben.
These short grays are for the most part extremely boring. Because of their attitude I assume they don't care much for humans, and the feeling is shared as I don't care much for them.

These short grays remind me of bees in a hive. They actually remind of insect behavior. Each one of them automatically knows what to do and when to do it. Any member could walk (not literally) into a situation and there would be no wasted motion or time. They work like a well-oiled machine.

However, on occasion I will find one that will want or desire to communicate with me. But this communication channel is seldom open for more than a very few seconds or a few minutes as they either seem to get bored with me or have the opinion I'm too far below them and not worthy enough to communicate with. I have yet to find one that had anything interesting to pass on to me anyway so I generally will not waste my time trying to open a telepathic channel with any A-Team member.

And just the opposite the tall grays will often spend 30 minutes or more with me. On one occasion we had a continuous conversation for almost five hours and one to two hour telepathic sessions are not at all uncommon.

In my first communications with the tall grays I would always initiate these conversations. It was not long that I quit this practice and only communicate if one or more of the tall grays initiates the conversation. I found this practice to be a timesaver as not all of the tall grays will communicate for one reason or another. Not to say they won't at a later time but I find some simply do not feel they need to communicate with me while others can't wait to begin a telepathic session.

I always read a book before bedtime and I'm often interrupted by one of the tall grays wanting to talk. I have to tell this entity to wait until I'm ready to sleep and most of the time this entity will simply wait but occasionally one will be eager and keep bothering me to the point I can't concentrate on reading.

Of course I already knew this entity had arrived earlier as I observed this gray moving back and forth across the room. I would often stop reading and look up to ask what was going on. I don't need to see these entities, I sense them. This is not something that just happened. It took me a lot of practice to develop and enhance my sense of awareness. My senses have become so acutely aware that I can detect very small fluctuations in air pressure, lighting, sounds or very subtle movements.

I often won't see one of the grays arrive but I know someone showed up so I simply ask; please move so I can see where you are. Most of the time these grays will move when I ask them to and once they do it's easy to see them. As long as they are still they are difficult to see. The grays mostly stay in the IR spectrum and for one to be seen in their physical form they need to move to the visible light spectrum. Both species of these grays can move from IR to the visible light spectrum in less than a second. Both species can also move partially into the visible light spectrum and when they do this one will see an outline or a ghostlike image or apparition. It's easy to see how and why the term ghost came about.

Some may have heard or read the term "blink-out" to describe an alien as one second here and the next second gone. The truth is these entities did not leave, they just moved to IR where we can't see them. They are not afraid of us but are trying to not scare us so bad we go into shock. Take a moment and give that some thought; what if an alien suddenly appeared in front of you in their physical form? What would you do? What would you say? I can imagine your legs would be moving so fast taking you in the opposite direction and your memory would be scarred forever by that traumatic event.
If you spent enough time imagining this scenario you might get an idea what abductees go through.

I would much rather the grays walk around in their physical form when they come to my house but it would freak my wife out so this why they donít. The grays have told me on many occasions that she could not handle the truth and its best she is left in the dark.

I find that the short grays have very little or no personalities and all of them are very similar but there are vast differences between the different personalities of the tall grays. Realizing that grays have personalities was the biggest surprise to me as I always figured they were like robots with little or no emotions and absolutely no personalities.

I was very wrong on that assumption and telepathic conversation with these tall grays is much more enjoyable. There are many times I have to tell one or more of them I need to sleep and I tell them that I'm sorry but without sleep it's difficult to get up and go to work the next morning.

Most of the time the visiting gray(s) understand but sometimes I have one that will not let me sleep and just wants to keep talking.

I use the term 'talking' for simplicity but telepathy is far from talking. Thought transfer is vastly superior to speaking using vocal chords, and is almost instantaneous.

Regardless of which species I speak of my thoughts have been read and a reply returned before I can finish the original thought. I have tried to figure out a way to block the grays from reading my mind but I have not yet come up with a method that will work and I may never find a way to block them.

I have seen many depictions of what the grays are supposed to look like. The 3-second Eben is the closest thing to the real entity I have ever seen. But to differentiate the 3-second Eben resembles the A-Team members and not the tall grays.

Bobby Morrison

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