By: Brian Parks  

“I was not on the MJ-12 Project Advisory Board and only have a faint recollection of this project or group.”  -Harold C. Stuart, Assistant Secretary of the Air Force 1949-1951.  

In 2000 researcher Robert M. Collins posted Insider Source information on a web site titled “MJ-12 Organizational Support List: 1950’s to Present?” This information is also published in Collins 2005 book “Exempt from Disclosure.” (1)  Among the persons listed on the MJ-12 Advisory Board (early 50’s to late 60’s) was Harold C. Stuart, no additional information.  I was able to discover that a Harold C. Stuart was an Assistant Secretary of the Air Force under Truman 1949-51, and also a Special Consultant to the Secretary of the Air Force 1961-63. (2)  I had very little doubt this was the same person.  

Mr. Stuart now in his late 80’s was retired from law practice and living in Florida. I managed to track him down and send a letter that simply asked if he had any knowledge of  MJ-12?  I was very careful not to mention specifics so I would get his personal memory if any.

His reply on June 13, 2000 is as follows:  

“Thank you for your recent letter regarding the MJ-12 Project. It sounds familiar but it was a long time ago. I have a vague recollection of MJ-12, but not significantly specific to make a comment. If I can have a little more specifics, maybe I could recall something.”  

I decided to take a serious gamble, as I had been invited to give more details. I replied on June 30, 2000 with a detailed two page letter that outlined a brief history of the MJ-12 Documents which identified MJ-12 as a “group created by Truman to study the remains of an extraterrestrial craft and bodies from the Roswell/Corona New Mexico area in 1947.” I also went on to describe the 1954 Cutler/Twining Memo from the National Archives that referenced an “MJ-12 Special Studies Project” but did not relate what that project was about. I consider it possible that an MJ-12 Group or Project existed but had nothing to do with crashed UFOs. I then made reference to some of the top military and civilians from the late 40’s who were associated with MJ-12 and related how his name was on a list of Advisors to this group. I also expressed that this important secret history “should surface when it is reasonable to do so.”  

At this point there is no mistake about the subject matter of my inquiry. I carefully avoided the term UFOs, but was to the point about MJ-12 subject matter. I expected no further reply, or possibly a less than polite reply that would make it clear he had nothing to do with anything as silly as UFO matters for the Truman Administration, the Air Force, or anyone else. Months went by and it seemed my suspicion was confirmed. Then another letter arrived in the mail dated October 16, 2000 . I can only speculate as to why the response took so long?  

“I was not on the MJ-12 Advisory Board and only have a faint recollection of this project or group. I did know most of the Generals you mentioned in your letter, but sorry I cannot shed any light on your request.  

I wish you good luck and the success for which you hope.”  


Harold C. Stuart  

It was obvious to me that he was unable or unwilling to admit anything further, but I was not dismissed as a crank. As a researcher this confirms that an MJ-12 Group or related Project did exist in the late 1940’s. The rest is speculation, but the encouragement meant a lot to me personally. He took the subject matter seriously!

Another interesting fact surfaced during some research after this correspondence. It turned out that Harold Stuart was very close to General Vandenberg who is listed as an MJ-12 Member in the Eisenhower Briefing Document. Unfortunately, I did not mention his name in my letter.

From the Harold C. Stuart Oral History at the Truman Library:  

“I had an excellent relationship with General Vandenberg and the people in the Air Force because I had served under General Vandenberg and served under several of the generals in the Ninth Air Force. I knew them. I knew them on a very friendly basis. Military wise, social wise, I can't recall in the Air Force that I had anything but the finest and best relations with the military.” (3)  

He was also close to Gordon Gray, another alleged MJ-12 member stating “Gordon Gray was then Secretary of the Army, an old friend of mine.” (3)  

To the question about why I am making this public now? After I received the second letter it was quite clear to me I had all the information I would get out of Mr. Stuart, and I had him well documented on the record. I doubt anyone else would fare better. If he wanted to say anything about Roswell he had the chance. At the time Stuart was a man in his late 80’s. I did not want people pestering him. This has happened all too often in UFO research. However, just recently I found out he had died at the age of 94 on June 25, 2007 . (4)    

I am providing this information for distribution by interested parties exactly as I obtained it and nothing more. It may be distributed and published “with permission” as long as proper credit is given.   

Brian Parks, 

August 7, 2008  


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